Microsoft Security Alert Dangerous Rift in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Security Alert Dangerous Rift in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
User operating system Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 uses security alert on the rift that this new record.Because, until now Microsoft has not succeeded to find solution and there is no patch for fix it.

Through the slit in the security, virtual criminals can easily penetrate to the computer controlling the victim and the full distance through the Internet connection.However,this rift can be used to penetrate the victim,if conscious give way without any sites that have been infected with malicious programs.
Security experts claim the attack through the slit is held intensive security in the last week. Thousands of sites have been successfully dibajak to spread malicious program that is used to exploit computer in drill.

The weaknesses are the weaknesses of the Microsoft ActiveX Video, component software that is used to play video in Windows.The problem appears because the interaction components with Internet Explorer to open the rift that is easily penetrated security hackers.

User software is required to disable the components that make the risk of setting in the Microsoft site. Cautious assigned through phishing spam that also need to be improved. Do not click on the link site that has not been reliable.

Warning of the security cleft is usually done every second day Tuesday of each month. The announcement that was released at Monday 6 July, including rare and this indicates that the high level threat.Currently,Microsoft is still developing the prophylactic.

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