Factor Causes Loss Of Data in Hard Disk

Hard disk is one of the main peripherals to be in a computer.Also on the hard disk all the information stored in the form of files.Similar to other peripherals that can be damaged due to static electricity,electric shock,and various other factors that ultimately we can lose data in the hard disk,of course we will panic and stress when the data in the hard disk's data is important.But with data recovery,data is not lost can not be taken back.

Factor we look at some hard disk failure can cause loss of data in hard disk below:

- Physical Failure

Physical Failure can be caused by several things such as the computer suddenly shut off or not turning off the computer through the procedures properly.In addition, power supply problems and the hard disk component that is less good this can cause problems.Use a good power supply can certainly give a good effect,because the fact is some of the ugly power supply that can cause the circuit board burned.

- Logical Failure

In this case the problem is the Master Boot Record failure.Technically,if the master boot record does not work in a problematic situation,the master boot code will undertake the active partition in the partition table,find the start sector,load a copy of the partition boot sector is active in memory and to send control to the executable code in the boot sector.If the master boot code can not complete these functions,the system displays a MBR error.

- Boot Sector Failure

Boot sector is an area in the hard disk,floppy disk or other data storage.Boot sector consists of a computer program loaded in the operating system into memory.Of a boot sector failure is usually because the virus attacked the boot sector.

- Accidentally Deleted Data

The data is deleted by mistake can make us panic and stress.But sometimes we also delete the file that was some time in the future we still need these files.But do not worry because the data recovery allows files erased it taken back.

- Cross Linked Files

Cross Linked Files is a file system errors to corrupt the contents of a file with Rewrited data from another file into the same cluster. Indeed,by running scandisk or similar program can resolve this problem, but one of the file will not be in use or damaged.

- Bad Sector

Bad sector is an area in the hard disk that can not be used again.If a part of the hard disk that contains the data is exposed to the bad sector data that should recover in the first before it can be used again. When we formatted a hard disk,operating system will mark the sector that can not be used as a bad sector,although can not be used again,it does not affect the overall performance of the hard disk.

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