Your Hard Drive Crashes What to do

Hard Drive Crashes
What to do if Your Hard Drive Crashes?The advancement of technology and the explosion of the World Wide Web into the modern world have made the computer with internet hook up a necessary tool in the home as well as in the business world, to keep abreast of times.
One of the greatest hazards of having a computer is the dreaded possibility of the crashing of your precious hard drive. Additionally if you aren't too computer savvy, you may at some point deleted a file accidentally and been under the impression that you cannot recover it.
You simply need to check you recycle bin and restore the deleted file or drag it to the desktop, in such a case. You could also make use of a file recovery program that would scan and recover any lost data.
The hard disk crash is a very different matter altogether and if you have not created a reliable back up in your computer you could lose all your critical data with no method you are aware of to recover it.
However, there is hope. Several solutions are available. Let's first identify the usual symptoms of a hard disk crash:
- When you a clicking sound, you should be aware that your read-only memory or ROM are corrupted, or that you have an electrical problem.
- When your computer OS or Operating System has been corrupted, when you start up a blue screen will appear.
- Freezing, hanging, restarting and re-booting occurs frequently when there is either a corrupt sector or a virus in the computer.
- In the midst of your operations you see error messages saying drive not formatted indicating the hard drive has been damaged.
- Operating system not found is another error message which appears again when the hard drive files or the OS is damaged.
In the event you are noticing any of the above symptoms, several 'first aid' steps are listed below:
- In the event of clicking sound, if you are not a high tech savvy kind of person, turn off your computer immediately and call for professional help - pronto! Do this before your precious data is lost.
- Help your troubleshooting technician by taking careful note of the error messages that appeared for his information.
- Data recovery software has tools to restore deleted items from a recycle bin, restore files which have been lost or damaged owing to bad disk sectors, power interruption, or virus.
- You should educate yourself on the basic file or data recovery capability of your computer system if you are using MAC or Windows.
- Back up your data and even in the case of very important data double back up, so that your prevention practices will save your files and folders and all the information contained therein, in case of a dreaded hard drive crash.
In the very worst case scenario, you could retain the expertise and services of a data recovery specialist to restore your hard drive, or a data recovery expert to perform this task for you.

Hard Drive Crashes Resource from Goarticles by Bryan Halverson

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Maria Jewel on July 10, 2009 at 8:06 PM said...

There are many companies that offer to retrieve your important files from your failed hard drive but sadly not all the time that they can salvage your files in your hard disk.

That's why it's important to always back up your hard drive.

Check out my post about Why you should back up your files.

Data Recovery Ajax on March 13, 2010 at 3:13 PM said...

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bye and hope for the best.

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