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File Data Recovery Software TipsFile Data Recovery Software Tips.Have you managed to delete important data from your hard drive? There should be no reason to worry as there are many data recovery solutions on the market capable of recovering your lost data for you, the key when using software to recover your files is to follow a process that prevents any further harm coming to your data.~Don’t Panic! You’ve been busy working on that deadline project for weeks and you suddenly find that you have accidently deleted a major document that is essential and full of days or weeks of research results, what do you do? Some people will try data recovery software to start with but this can harm your data surprisingly enough.
There are some important rules to ensure you follow or are aware of when using data recovery software for recovering lost files:

When using data recovery software it is important that the software is installed on a different computer to the one that you are trying to recover. Installing further data to the same storage device that you have lost your files on may cause the lost data to be overwritten, making it irretrievable.~Firstly and a big mistake many people make is not to install the software on the same computer you have been using, why? If you have deleted the file when you install any further software or save anything back to the disk, as the operating system will use what it considers free space to load the program you could end up overwriting the document or part of the document you are trying to recover.

Secondly, have you mysteriously lost any file before? If yes your drive may be degraded so a proper data recovery would be a more suitable option.~Secondly, has your drive been making any strange sounds recently, if the answer is yes your hard drive may be failing so a recovery company would be better suited to recover your data to be on the safe side.

Next, try to use trial software, all good data recovery applications offer a free trial version that allows you to determine if your files are recoverable before you make a purchase. You may not be able to see the content of the files but the presence of the file name should indicate whether it is recoverable or not.~Thirdly whilst in all probability your prime focus will be to get your data back as soon as possible avoid the temptation to suddenly dive right in and purchase some software straight away. Most file recovery software will offer a free trial so at the very least you can do a scan to see if the document is actually still recognisable on your hard disk or even recoverable for that matter.

When you have found your lost data using software you need to put it somewhere. Now this point is very important: Never recover the file to the media that it was lost from doing so can cause the data to be lost permanently as the software is not intelligent enough to determine whether the area that the file is written back to is the same area that the file was located originally.~Assuming your drive is exhibiting no signs of failure and having used the software you have managed to find the file (intact) and it is recoverable you’ll now need to save the data somewhere. Under no circumstances save it back to the same drive as you may end up saving the data on back to the same area that the data is being recovered from resulting in a corrupted file.

Often data recovery software will allocate the space on the hard drive before recovering the file, once the space has been allocated the data may already be partially over-written.~If the recovery software has already reserved a disk area to write files back to some of the data can get overwritten especially if the drive is heavily fragmented.
If your data is simply too valuable to trust in the hands of software, particularly if you are not familiar with the data recovery software and the manner in which it works, it is sensible to contact a data recovery professional.~Of course before embarking on a DIY data recovery project ascertain the value of your data because if the data loss would be job threatening, costly to your business or simply un-replaceable then don’t take the risk.

The cost for the recovery of files from a hard disk by a professional data recovery organisation is now in most cases comparable to the cost of the full version of the software that you have tried, plus you are normally backed up by a no recovery – no fee guarantee.~The cost of data recovery is nowhere near (or shouldn’t be ) the cost it used to be due to advances in technology and often you will find that once you deduct the cost of any software purchase and deduct the time to learn what you are trying to do the extra cost of having your data recovered by a professional is not too bad at all.
And lastly, if you choose to use a data recovery company, it is always worth ascertaining what will happen if the drive fails during a recovery process, will they be able to fix it themselves in a proper clean room environment or will they need to send it away to another data recovery company?~And finally don’t forget to vet your data recovery provider if you go this route, do they have a certified clean room themselves if they need to open the drive for any reason, or would they need to outsource this aspect of the job elsewhere?
If they do not have the facilities for hard drive recovery in a clean room environment or there is any sign of mechanical failure then a main data recovery services provider will be your best option.

File Data Recovery Software Tips by Mike White

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